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Debian 10 ("Buster")

We're happy to announce that all our servers are now running the latest Debian 10 ("Buster") which includes upgrades for...

Server upgrades - ZombieLoad

All of our serves have now been rebooted into a new kernel which includes a patch for the Microarchitectural Data Sampling...

Chirp is now a domain name reseller

As of today we have registered as a domain name reseller for Australian and International domains. If you have previously...

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Increased traffic from Bing

18 July 2009

If you've noticed a jump in search traffic from Bing - the new search engine from Microsoft - in the last few days, don't get too excited as it's not real. Bing has started 'faking' search traffic the same way they were doing previously with Live Search.

Nobody really knows why Microsoft does this, but the most likely reason is to make it look like more people are using their search engine. We will be filtering out the 'fake' searches starting today so your traffic reports will return to normal.

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