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Sectigo Root Certificate expiry

Some of you may have noticed problems connecting to websites in recent days following the expiry of a commonly used intermediate...

Microsoft Email Shenanigans

Last week, emails from one of our web servers started being rejected by Microsoft mail servers, meaning that a few of our...

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PHP7 and related upgrades

15 February 2018

We're been busy preparing our servers for an upgrade to PHP7. This has involved configuration changes and various library upgrades (JpGraph, Sphinx) and setting up a test server to simulate the upgrade.

We've already upgraded one of our web servers and the others will be following in the next week. PHP7 is not much different from earlier versions, only it promises to be a bit faster.

PHP is the language that holds our websites together.

Update 18/2: All of our web servers are now running PHP7 and we are monitoring websites, but don't expect any problems.

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