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Chirp office closed this week

The Chirp office will be closed for the rest of the week as we take a short road trip with some international visitors. ...

Server upgrades - ZombieLoad

All of our serves have now been rebooted into a new kernel which includes a patch for the Microarchitectural Data Sampling...

Chirp is now a domain name reseller

As of today we have registered as a domain name reseller for Australian and International domains. If you have previously...

Google Chrome Now Labels HTTP Sites as 'Not Secure’

As of today the latest version of Google Chrome will display "Not Secure" in the title bar for websites not using HTTPS....

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SSL deadline looming

11 February 2018

This year some web browsers, starting with Google Chrome, are going to display warnings in the browser for all websites still using HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Upgrading to HTTPS is a matter of purchasing and installing an SSL certificate for your domain or domains. These can range from a 'domain' certificate which validates just your domain name, or a higher assurance 'organisation' certificate which also validates your company registration.

A certificate can apply to a single (WWW) domain or to your main domain and all subdomains using a (*) wildcard.

You will see on our Portfolio page a growing number of padlock icons indicating that those websites are now using SSL.

If you have not yet upgraded to HTTPS you should seriously consider doing so in the next few months. Certificates are easy to acquire and much less expensive than in the past.

Contact us for details.

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