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Debian 10 ("Buster")

We're happy to announce that all our servers are now running the latest Debian 10 ("Buster") which includes upgrades for...

Server upgrades - ZombieLoad

All of our serves have now been rebooted into a new kernel which includes a patch for the Microarchitectural Data Sampling...

Chirp is now a domain name reseller

As of today we have registered as a domain name reseller for Australian and International domains. If you have previously...

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Linode Reboots

13 January 2018

While we have already patched most/all of our servers for the Meltdown hardware vulnerability, Linode still needs to mitigate the Spectre vulnerability on all their servers.

This is going to involve a series of 'maintenance windows' where the physical servers are shut down and rebooted. Downtime in each case could be up to 2 hours. See the link below for details.

When we know the schedule we will post details here. According to Linode we should have at least a days notice in each case.

Update: All of our servers are running with updated kernels, and our final web server is undergoing hardware maintenance today (17 Jan).

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