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Data centre down

Two of our web servers were offline this morning due to a problem at the data centre. One for approx. 30 minutes, and the...

PHP7 and related upgrades

We're been busy preparing our servers for an upgrade to PHP7. This has involved configuration changes and various library...

New Password Policy

A lot of you will be familiar with a password policy that involves: * a minimum number of characters; * at least one lowercase...

SSL Upgrades

As you may have noticed, we've (finally) upgraded to use SSL (HTTPS) for all requests. This is now becoming...

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Hall Pavilion Secure Online Booking

25 June 2017

The new online booking system for the Hall Village Pavilion is now finally live. It includes a calendar showing available dates and times, online bookings and payments.

Bookings require payment of an initial deposit, and the system sends an email when final payment is due.

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