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Linode Reboots

While we have already patched most/all of our servers for the Meltdown hardware vulnerability, Linode still needs to mitigate...

CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre

For details on how Linode is addressing the newly disclosed CPU architecture vulnerabilities, please follow the link below....

New Password Policy

A lot of you will be familiar with a password policy that involves: * a minimum number of characters; * at least one lowercase...

SSL Upgrades

As you may have noticed, we've (finally) upgraded to use SSL (HTTPS) for all requests. This is now becoming...

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Server Upgrades - Complete

19 June 2017

Following the release of Debian 9 ("Stretch") over the week-end we will be upgrading all our servers over the next couple of weeks. One has been upgraded already and will serve as a test that there are no serious problems.

The upgrade includes new versions of Apache, PostgreSQL, and we have the option of stepping up to PHP 7.

Upgrading may involve a few minutes downtime.

Update: All of our servers have now been fully upgraded and we are monitoring to make sure there are no problems.

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