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SSL Upgrades

As you may have noticed, we've (finally) upgraded to use SSL (HTTPS) for all requests. This is now becoming...

Hall Pavilion Secure Online Booking

The new online booking system for the Hall Village Pavilion is now finally live. It includes a calendar showing available...

Server Upgrades - Complete

Following the release of Debian 9 ("Stretch") over the week-end we will be upgrading all our servers over the next couple...

PayPal Credit Card Option

Some recent changes to PayPal may have made it difficult for your customers to find the option for paying with a credit or...

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Upgraded cropping tool

12 November 2016

Our custom HTML5 image cropping tool has been upgraded to include new features such as being able to rotate the image before cropping. The instructions have also been improved.

When uploading images to the website - for a news item for example - you can access the cropping tool by clicking on the scissors icon alongside the image file upload.

It's so handy that we're even using it ourselves.

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