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Linode Reboots

While we have already patched most/all of our servers for the Meltdown hardware vulnerability, Linode still needs to mitigate...

CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre

For details on how Linode is addressing the newly disclosed CPU architecture vulnerabilities, please follow the link below....

New Password Policy

A lot of you will be familiar with a password policy that involves: * a minimum number of characters; * at least one lowercase...

SSL Upgrades

As you may have noticed, we've (finally) upgraded to use SSL (HTTPS) for all requests. This is now becoming...

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Upgraded cropping tool

12 November 2016

Our custom HTML5 image cropping tool has been upgraded to include new features such as being able to rotate the image before cropping. The instructions have also been improved.

When uploading images to the website - for a news item for example - you can access the cropping tool by clicking on the scissors icon alongside the image file upload.

It's so handy that we're even using it ourselves.

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