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Gmail breaks email relaying (updated)

2 August 2016

Following Google's recent DMARC policy change emails sent from anyone using Gmail to your website address can no longer be relayed to your mailbox if it is also hosted at Gmail, regardless of the content.

Emails from/to other addresses should not be affected, at least for now, though similar changes are planned at Hotmail.

Anyone trying to email you from a Gmail account will need to send their message directly to your Gmail address instead of to the website address, or risk having their email blocked.

The problem affects emails meeting the following criteria:

From: some-gmail-account
To: email-at-your-website-address
Relayed To: your-gmail-account

We're investigating various options, but at this stage it appears that the current configuration is no longer possible.

In that case you will need to set up Google Apps or a similar mail hosting solution for your domain.

We apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

The problem is that recent anti-spam measures taken by Gmail, Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! are breaking *all* email relays, forwarders and mailing lists, and we expect this trend to continue.

UPDATE: some emails that had been held up have cleared overnight, but we expect this to be a temporary reprieve.

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