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Sectigo Root Certificate expiry

Some of you may have noticed problems connecting to websites in recent days following the expiry of a commonly used intermediate...

Microsoft Email Shenanigans

Last week, emails from one of our web servers started being rejected by Microsoft mail servers, meaning that a few of our...

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Code upgrade complete

25 April 2016

After almost two weeks we've completely upgraded all hosted websites to our new PHP codebase making them more robust and 'future ready'.

A total of 7,796 separate files were edited to bring them into the Chirp namespace, and various smaller enhancements were made at the same time.

In addition to upgrading PHP scripts we have:

  • introduced a new class for tracking spiders and search traffic;
  • rolled out the latest version of our CMS to all websites;
  • upgraded Google Maps with individual API keys;
  • optimised CSS delivery on all websites;
  • improved SQL performance on many websites;
  • enhanced security by upgrading old code on some websites; and
  • archived a few expired websites.

The upshot is that all our hosted websites are now compatible with, and using features from, the latest stable versions of Apache2, PHP and PostgreSQL.

A consistent system-wide OOP approach makes it much easier for us to roll out new features and security patches. New functionality requested by one client and implemented as a class can be immediately available to other websites.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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