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Some of you may have noticed problems connecting to websites in recent days following the expiry of a commonly used intermediate...

Microsoft Email Shenanigans

Last week, emails from one of our web servers started being rejected by Microsoft mail servers, meaning that a few of our...

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KeyCDN Content Delivery Network

14 March 2015

In the last month we've implemented a CDN on some of our busiest websites.

That mean that while the data and contents of the website are served from our webservers, embedded resources such as images, CSS and JavaScript files can be served from a distributed network of caching servers around the world.

KeyCDN is a relatively new player, but, so far at least, very stable and reliable. Their network includes a node in Melbourne which is perfect for many of our clients.

Why does it matter to me?

Even if you're not on the CDN, your website benefits from reduced load on the server and increased protection against traffic spikes - such as when Irene from Nourished Life or Anita from Sequins and Sand make a TV appearance generating tens of thousands of visits - as well as more nefarious DDoS attacks.

While it's still early days, we look forward to working with KeyCDN to make all our websites faster and more secure.

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