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Microsoft Email Shenanigans

Last week, emails from one of our web servers started being rejected by Microsoft mail servers, meaning that a few of our...

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A faster Lightbox

18 March 2014

As part of our efforts to make your websites faster, we've started replacing the legacy 'Lightbox2' code library - used for displaying zoomed images and slideshows - with our own version.

The original code relied on an open source JavaScript library totalling thousands of lines of code. The new 'ChirpBox' plugin uses less than 200 lines of code - a saving of 98%.

What this means for your website is that, if you're displaying images or slideshows with the zoom option, the page download size (after compression) has been reduced by up to 40kb - the equivalent of a small photo.

A faster page load time is beneficial not just for you and your users, but also for your search engine rankings.

In a world where most web pages are now bloated to 1.5Mb or more we take pride in building very fast and responsive websites reducing functionality or usability.

The 'ChirpBox' code has been tested in Internet Explorer starting from version 8, as well as all other browsers.

Please contact us with any feedback or if you notice a problem on your website.

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