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Upload your products to Google Shopping

29 June 2011

Google have recently upgraded Google Shopping to include Australia. If you are selling goods in AUD from Australia then you should think about signing up and letting them display your products in search results.

The system works by us creating a data feed that Google can fetch at regular intervals (daily or weekly). The data feed is controlled by the database, so when you update the website your listing on Google Merchant changes automatically.

To see how it looks, check out the Sequins & Sand product line showing up in Google search results. You will also see their products if you search for "kaftans" on and click on Shopping results.

The data feed includes details on the product categories, description, prices, etc, that are then displayed. When your items appear in the search results, people are linked back to the product page on your website and go through the normal checkout process.

Please let us know if you want to add this functionality to your website. You just need to have a database of products including the relevant details and prices.

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