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Online tool for resizing and cropping images

2 March 2011

Sometimes for your website you may be asked to crop or resize your photos to a specific width and height in pixels before uploading - to fit into a banner or advertising spot for example.

Here's an example showing how to crop/resize an image to exactly 240 x 143 pixels in ten easy steps using the website:

  • Attach the image file
  • New Width: [240]
  • New Height: [<blank>]
  • [*] Resize and then crop image
  • [Send Photo]

On the next page:

  • Custom crop size: 240 x 143
  • [Set]
  • Drag the outline box to the area you want to use
  • [Crop]

And, finally:

  • Right-click (or Ctrl-click) and "Save Picture" (or "Save Image")

Depending on the size/shape of your original photo, and the size/shape you're aiming for you may need to scale to the right Height first instead of Width, but the process remains the same.

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