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Telstra BigPond email delays

18 February 2011

During the last week Telstra's mail servers have been overwhelmed by a flood of spam emails. As a result of this, their automated mail filtering has also been preventing a lot of regular emails from passing through our servers to mailboxes at BigPond. Emails being relayed to other ISPs have not been affected.

If you have an email address at BigPond that receives emails from your website address via an email alias set up by us you will have noticed that your emails are arriving with a delay of some hours or even days. In extreme cases (when the delay is longer than 4-5 days) emails can be lost.

There is not much we can do about the problems BigPond is having, or how they choose to address them. What we can arrange is for your emails to be copied also to a GMail or similar account so you don't lose anything important - you just need to tell us the address you want to use.

Update: as of Sunday 20 February all emails have now either cleared the queue or expired.

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