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Debian 10 ("Buster")

We're happy to announce that all our servers are now running the latest Debian 10 ("Buster") which includes upgrades for...

Server upgrades - ZombieLoad

All of our serves have now been rebooted into a new kernel which includes a patch for the Microarchitectural Data Sampling...

Chirp is now a domain name reseller

As of today we have registered as a domain name reseller for Australian and International domains. If you have previously...

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Telstra Hijinks

6 April 2009

If you are on a Telstra ADSL business plan, they may be contacting you this month to try and move your domain name to their servers. Please be aware that this is 'optional' and should not be done as it will almost certainly block access to your website and email.

If they do contact you with a request for your Domain Password, Registry Key or similar information, please let us know and we will put you in touch with someone who can explain exactly what is going on.

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